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Default this is an old post started April last year - CHILL

hi Beauty and AZ, as well as idhkah and oyankovi,

don't get to excited since this thread started last March and the original poster has not been on the site since Jan this year. I'm sure Miss Voyage will not be deterred by the "companions wanted" police from getting what she wants. There may be a bit more involved that we can read, but how can we accuse someone just because it doesn't sound normal to us as Americans. Also if this person can type her own thread in English I doubt she would want to read a reply translated by google ;-)

I'm headed out Monday for southern Russia myself for a cruise up the Volga River. I lucked out because the travel agent found a room mate in Houston, TX that has agreed to go with me. He is just a normal guy like me though, but I would consider someone like Miss Voyage if she was interested !

Here is the link to the return cruise in Oct which I am taking next week. They took the page down for my cruise I see.
Russian River Cruise from St. Petersburgto Rostov on Don

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