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Allright. These are my questions ;

1. What kind of clothes should I pack for 6 months ? (Which clothes should I pay price at Cruise ship ? )
2. Can you tell me about working systems ? (how many hours in a day ) (full time working or İs there any break times ? For example full 12 hours in a day or 4 hours with 3 periods in a day ? )
3. Can I get a promotion for dining room or Will I work only at staff mess/crew mess ?
4. Can I bring my laptop to cruise ship ?
5. Is there any private closet for keeping valuable stuff ? (laptop, mobile phone etc.)
6. How can I keep in touch with my parents ? Which way is the cheapest one ?
7. How many people will I stay with in cabin ?
8. Is there any laundry for clothes ? Is laundry free or with price?
9. I heard about a "warning" system. I mean, If I do a thing wrongly, They give a warning and İf I have 3 warning in total, I can't work any American companies in America for forever ? İs that true? İf it is wrong, what kind of system of warning is there ?

I'm sorry about my english, I tried to write my best.

Thanks !
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