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HAHA Yes! Very possible, especially for teens! Honestly, if you're okay with relatively LDRs, and you have the right mindset, loves are great. I had a friend who met his first love on a cruise, it lasted a year and they loved each other and were best friends. They were both very messed up when it ended. And distance was a joke to them- New Yorker girl and a Berlin boy.

I actually met my very first love on a cruise, we live 2 car hours away from each other and are STILL very much in love. We reminisce about the cruise all the time! I had actually just met a girl that I clicked with, and instantly became good friends. There was some slutty girl at the club hitting on some guy I liked, and so I set out looking for a new guy to make him jealous. 15 minutes later and I met my boyfriend, and of course after some strain, (he ran like a bat out of hell to get his mom to sign the disco papers), he joined me. He wasn't in it to begin with. And the girl actually told him that I was trying to make the other guy jealous. His reply was "Lets see who wins." So I fell for him completely and we spent the whole next day together. I completely ditched the other guy, who I later found out didn't want anything with relationships. Turns out, neither me or my boyfriend had our first kiss before. Being the Titanic junkie that I am, we shared both our first kisses on the 2nd out of 7th day, and there was music playing in the back of the ship. We were all alone at the front, sitting on a stack of lounge chairs. Completely nervous and shaking like freakin bunnies, we talked about having our first kiss for 20 minutes. I finally grew some ladyballs and grabbed his face. It was horrible, so I said lets try again. It was completely perfect, comfortable, and natural. And after that, we were inseparable. Once we got back from port we were either together or looking for each other! It was over Thanksgiving and he actually had dinner with us, he asked (ASKED, LADIES.) to meet my parents! We were barely 15! It was adorable, we didn't do anything inappropriate either except kiss. It was cute because we were frolicking around the night restaurant and the whole staff called me princess and he was prince. Whenever I was with the family they'd wink at me and call me princess just like I was with him! We would kiss in the hot tub, feed each other strawberries in the cafe. I've been all over the world and that trip to Jamaica and Mexico was the most blissful week of my entire life. We got to climb the Duns River falls, just me, him, and the tour guy. Us three- nobody else.We went to shows, ran around, went bowling, swimming, tanning, you name it. The last day was horrible. We actually fell asleep in a lounge from Sea Day frolicking, and he came back and said he had 3 minutes left. It seemed like the entire ship knew us. We cried and cried and I walked him back. His dad came back and saw me turn away. I said I was okay but my face was red and puffy and I head a tear on my cheek. He let him stay for 30 more minutes, and we sat on the stairs in each others arms, cried, and had a last kiss. I went back to our spot on the front of the ship and saw that he wasn't next to me. I realized I had found the perfect guy.

We've been together ever since. We actually lost our virginities to each other just recently, in the comfort of my own bed. Our parents love each other, and approve of the relationship. We basically are one giant family! We're best friends, and I can't wait till summer when he gets to come stay for a few weeks. We also had a ton of mutual friends we had met on the ship- all the cool and nice ones (NON-dramatic) are the best and now our friends. We're still one big cruise family, with me and the BF smack in the middle of the group!

First things first- that was my 17th cruise ship. If you want to find real lasting love, you will NEVER- I repeat NEVER- find it in the teen disco. Ever. Way too petty- multiply school drama x10 and fly at hyperspeed. If you're a cruiser you know what I'm talking about, Bad Girls Club all over again, and if not GET READY. What you need to do, if you want to find it, go to the disco the first night, look hot, and be the first one there. Find someone of the same gender that you have similarities with, and click from there. That's where cliques start. (don't go the first day and rarely get in!) Get to know the teens. Make a best friend. Then the NEXT day you walk around, looking for cute guys that ARE NOT IN THE CLUB.

Also, don't look for love on Royal Carribean (too crowded) or Carnival (too ghetto, you WILL get raped.) Either look for true love on NORWEGIAN (found boyfriend on horrible ship Sky and current boyfriend on the GORGEOUS, CONVENIENT, GREAT STAFF AND PEOPLE- Norwegian Pearl!) or Princess. Holland America is all old people.

Girls there is this VERY HOT STINGRAY LIFEGUARD on Great Stirrup Cay, the Norwegian Private Island. I actually, at 15 told him I was 19 named Lilly and tricked him into taking me to lunch for his break. I left before we even touched! ! He was Australian and blonde and muscled! For the record- it was literally the day before the night I met my first love/boyfriend. Haha!

Sorry for the rant, great topic for me!

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