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Originally Posted by armywife74 View Post
Our first cruise in in 91 days as a family, our second cruise is book for February 2014 LLYM cruise both Carnival.

First question says you can bring water/soda onboard 12 pk 20 oz, is that per passenger? We have a family of 4 and all drink differently. Also can it be in the luggage or have to be carried on?

All soda must be carried on board. Do not put it in your checked baggage. The twelve pack limit is "per person" so you could take four twelve packs on with you

Next question is it says Adult passengers can bring 1 750ml bottle of wine or champagne, do you only get a chose between bring your non alcoholic beverage or the bottle of wine? Does Carnival allow the 750ml wine to be of the box variety? And I think I read just about everywhere wine has to be carried on and can not be left in luggage, correct?

One bottle of wine is allowed and must be carried on. I am not sure if a "box" of wine is allowed.

We have 2 teen girls, they fall into the two different clubs for teens onboard. I am a little leery to have them each wandering the ship a lot. I have heard stories of girls getting taken advantage of on ships. Any advice on things I can do to keep them safe? Would a whistle be smart for them to wear? I read that people carry walkie talkies to keep in touch, does this work? I think we would only use it for when they are wanting to go from one group area to another if we did something like this.

I would try to keep the girls together when they are not in the teen program. A cruise ship is a relatively safe place but the girls need to be aware that, like anywhere, they may be people who might take advantage of them and talk to them about not getting into places and situations where that can occur: Such as: Going into someone's cabin or going alone to a location with another person. I don't think the whistle is needed but I don't see any they couldn't have one. In my opinion walkie talkies are pretty useless on a cruise ship. The size of today's cruise ships and the amount steel in the hull make them, at best, unreliable.

Has anyone used Island Marketing for excursions? Likes? dislilkes?

Sorry, never heard of them.

Last question anyone been to Melia Cozumel All Inclusive Beach Resort? Thoughts..

I have never been there but I do recommend Nachi Cocum, Paradise Beach or Chankanaab if you want to do a beach day.

Thanks in advance.
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