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Default new at job: skype possible at P&O and Cunard?


I am offered a position as a ship's doctor at Cunard and P&O cruises. I have a two year old daughter living in California and having contact by means of Skype is VERY important to me. . Today I was told that internet by HR is scanty and unreliable and Skype with video impossible at any cruise ship. However, a friend who worked at Princess Cruise said it really isn't that bad. I could skype almost daily with his friends and family. So how is it at Cunard and P&O cruises?

If it is really bad, I probably will have to depend on the wifi in the ports. Unfortunately the times for me to Skype with my daughter are fixed - I could move it a day if necessary though. It is always between 7 and 8 pm California time during the week. The weekend times might be more flexible, but currently it is at 9 am on Sunday. On your typical cruise how often do you think I will be able to get off board to quickly Skype in the ports at these times (during the week that would be between 4-5 am Amsterdam-Cape Town time). 0, 1, 2, or 3 times a week?

I like to know, becasuse being cut of completely from my daughter would be a deal breaker!
For the ones that reply: thanks for giving me some insight!!
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