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Default Act / sat

SO D/S took the ACT today and for the life of me I don't understand why these teachers stress these kids out so much over it. Wouldn't it be better for the students to feel calm instead of having panic attacks over the test?
Last night was the ceremony for the new inductees of the National Honor Society and when I asked one od D/S friends why he didn't come he replied " I was too stresses out to come" , now that's just sad to me. I could tell D/S was on edge this past weekend and yesterday so I had a little talk with him about it. I simply told him do your best and you'll get what you get. I assured him with his GPA and class ranking as well as all the community service hours he has he should be fine in his picks for college, its not like he's looking at Harvard.
I feel really bad for todays kids with a world gone crazy and no job how do they even begin to start their life.
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