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The thing about CC is that everyone on there is a HUGE critic and critical at the same time. Very judgemental people.

I've personally been banned 3 times for disagreeing with long-time posters who were obviously extremely one-sided in their opinions and were very wrong in their comments. When I called them on it, I was banned.

I once found a woman who had a couple of thousand posts - came across like she knew everything about everything to do with cruising. She made a comment that did not quite appear correct to me and while investigating I found out that, in fact, she had never even been on one cruise! She was flat out lying about everything. When I presented the facts, I was banned and she's still posting.

What irritates me the most is that they are constantly being quoted in alot of news media when alot of the people are complete phonies.

With that said, Carnival definitely has its place in the market. It caters to those who want a nice cruise for a cheap price. I have clients that are diehard Carnival cruisers and will not sail on anything else irregardless of the problems Carnival has had lately. But at the same time I have clients who will never sail on Carnival again because they feel that along with the cheap price comes cheap quality.

Obviously, everyone has their own opinion and like I always say, what one person loves, another will hate. And that's the one great thing about cruising; there's something out there for everyone and no matter what your likes or dislikes, you'll definitely find something that's right for you. The fun part is trying them all until you find the right one.

We've been on 45 cruises and have been on all the major mass market cruise lines. We can honestly say that we've never had a bad cruise. Yes, some have been better than others. And yes, we definitely like some more than others. But just because we don't like something, doesn't mean someone else won't love them.

But for someone like Ms. Brown with such a wide audience to come out and say she would not recommend Carnival is doing an injustice to Carnival and a disservice to her followers.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone has the right to voice their opinion. That's the great thing about our society. However, when you're in a position such as Ms. Brown, you also have a responsibility to present information in an unbiased manner so others can make up their own mind and not try to use her position to push them towards the way she feels.

Just my opinion.

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