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Originally Posted by tobytovar View Post
2 quick questions.
Has anyone used the " Faster to the Fun" option on departure? Is it worth It?

I know you can't bring the " good stuff " aboard but I see that Carnival has a section of Gift Alcohols to purchase at high prices. Does this mean that they will deliver it to your cabin to be consumed? It would be nice to sit on the balcony and sip a night cap. Although I am going on my 8th Carnival cruise in 3 weeks I never noticed this.
Thanks for the feedback.
I used it on my Glory cruise in January. In my opinion it was worth it. We went from cab to cabin in about twenty minutes. Our luggage arrived within thirty minutes and we had uncorked the champagne and unpacked before 12:30. Just remember you only need to purchase one for the entire cabin and if you are Platinum or higher in the VIFP club you don't need to purchase it at all.

I have purchased the Bon Voyage alcohol a number of times. Yes, it seems expensive but it is definitely less expensive than purchasing the equivalent number of drinks on board. You also don't have to feel like a criminal and risk confiscation when you smuggle liquor on board. You don't have to worry about gin soaked undies. The liquor and mixers (if you order them) are in your cabin when you arrive so if you don't want a champagne toast you can have a Bon Voyage cocktail. You can order the mixers at the same time you call to order the liquor. The cost/per can is the same as you would pay on board, at around $2/can. They can be any soda pop, tonic or soda. I'm not much of a drinker but I like to join my wife for a night cap, or two, on the balcony.

Take care and enjoy your cruise.
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