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Originally Posted by 1SoCalGal View Post
Hello all - I'm looking into a cruise from LA and/or Seattle to Vancouver/AK next month in May, starting next week. Norwegian and Princess have some terrific rates right now for cruises from LA up the pac-coast ($99-$129) to Seattle or Vancouver, then to AK ($299-$399). I'm a cruise-ship-virgin feeling the brevity of life...or I'm having a mid-life crisis, but at any rate I'm working on my bucket list. However, I just discovered the dreaded "single supplement" charge. Since when is going solo such a crime? Ugh, talk about price gouging. I'd like to cut down on my expenses, so I thought I'd throw three sheets to the wind here and see what turns up.

About me...I'm a non-smoking/seldom-drinking female writer in my 40's with an adventurous mind, body and spirit of a 20 yr-old...very down-to-earth, easy-going, don't sweat the petty s**t. I laugh - a lot. If you can manage to find the humor in the worst case scenarios, we'll get along just fine. Respectful of others and all living creatures, I believe in karma and live by the proverbial 'Golden Rule.' I'm very tolerant of all kinds of people, but have an aversion to shallow, rude or unkind people. I feel much too young to play bingo with the sedate retirement crowd, but too mature to even attempt to pull an all-nighter. I'm pretty balanced, and fall somewhere in the middle between the two extremes.

I'm not looking for a BFF, conjoined at the hip for a week. I'd like to find a compatible cabin mate that hopefully I (or you) wont want to throw overboard before the ship pulls into port. If we click, great. I have no intentions, much less expect anyone to want, or feel obligated to be my shipboard companion for the entire duration of a trip. We can share some meals...or take in a show...whatever, as well as do our own thing. If not? Then...then I suppose we spend as little time in proximity, to avoid those awkward silent moments. Not a big deal. I'm very independent and thoroughly enjoy my alone-time, so if were not all copacetic, that's totally fine too. At best, maybe we'll become friends (and future ship-mate roomies,) and at worst? we both saved ourselves a butt-load of money.

So--any takers? Sane, friendly, honest, non-felonious persons with no criminal history, males (preferably gay) or females, in late 20's to 40's, please reply.

Saw your post about single supplement - it hurts. I have a cruise going out of Seattle to Alaska on the Princess Star leaving 8 June - 7 days. I have an inside cabin I booked and would not mind sharing to reduce the fair. I am a 72 yo retired Healthcare exec that enjoys cruising. Easy to get along with and also agree that we do not need to be joined at the hip. I use the cabin to sleep/change/and relax from time to time. I enjoy getting out and staying active.

Good luck in finding the right fit in cruise partner.

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