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This site has stood on the mountain since the beginning, proclaiming travel insurance is a must,and as many you know, we were blessed to have it, when we needed it.

No matter how many travel professionals, urge their clients to be protected I would safely bet, the majority are not. It is their choice to roll the dice,and face whatever might come their way.

We know these serious situations when there is illness, or a death,and there is no insurance in place,and families lose it all, and try in any way to recoup,and don't, & read of this, and wonder why they were not treated as such. I guess it takes the elevated circumstances of a Hurricane Sandy and all the damages it did, & the entire world knowing of the despair of many, that RCI decided to step in where NCL deigned not to. Getting publicity, maybe so, but, I am glad they did. Fair, maybe not..

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