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Default A Case of Mistake

Originally Posted by CruiseNRead View Post
Hi, Sister Solo,
Since we are both in New England, thought I would touch base.
I am interested in a transatlantic for next spring.
Please be in touch!
I visit NH and we could meet over a cup of coffee and discuss cruises!
Howdy, CNR,

Well, you must be thinking of some other beautiful woman, because I do not live in New England (sadly), but in Tucson. A transatlantic cruise next spring sounds very appealing. I'm partial to NCL, and there are quite a few TA's that NCL offers. I like the Breakaway...they have studio cabins (I just sailed on the Epic in a studio cubby-hole), but it would be less if we shared a cabin, of course. I'd have to fly to or from NYC, but that's OK. I'd surely want to spend some time in NYC (two or three days, to see some shows, etc.), and wherever the ship starts or ends, in parts European or Asian, I'd like to spend time there, too.

Anyway, maybe you'd be best served by checking the posts again for the New Hampshire traveler you had in mind.

Meantime, I'll take a look at your posts, if there are any, and see if we have anything in common (a good place to start).

All the best to you.

Happy Sails 2 U
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