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Default Westerdam eating


I am about to take my first cruise (to Alaska) this summer on the Westerdam.

I plan to single-handedly make Gluttony the #1 sin of humanity for years to come.

I am just kidding-a little.

My question is: can you eat as often as you wish or are you limited? I know the food is free except some specialty restaurants.

For example, can I have room service breakfast at 7:00 and then go have an omelet at 9:00? Or will they know "you sir have already had breakfast, please leave"?

Again for lunch, again for dinner (can you have dinner in the MDH and then hit the buffet 2 hours later?).

I say, if it is truly all you can eat whenever you want I will need to abandon ship in order to keep from collapsing on the deck!

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