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Good Afternoon Luanne, Moiraine, Sharon, Judy, Tom, AeroGirl and Lakers Fan.

Another gorgeous day here in upper East Tennessee with a temp. of 73F @ 1:37 pm. 'Reckon it'll go a might higher before the day's done.

Believe me I sympathize with you and Keith, Judy, over your script dilemma. I have degnerative disc disease and it's progressive. I've had back problems my entire life (everything from ruptured discs to a fracture). The powers that be finally put me on what amounts to a lifetime regimen of Lortabs each of which are 7.5mg Hydrocodone & 500 mg. Tylenol.

I said I'd never do it. Don't ever say never. Nevertheless it took my physicians and pharmacist to convince me saying that yes, while I will become (if not already) dependent upon them I have a choice. Either live with a manageable pain level or live with what at times was excruciating pain. I need not tell you what choice I finally made. And yes, as time passes the dosage will have to increase and I knew that up front. I guess it all falls under the lesser of two evils category.

It's my adored "adopted" daughter Lauren's fifteenth birthday Sunday and she and her mom are driving to Knoxville tomorrow for some shopping, ergo, I'll give to her my card before they leave 'cause Lauren is a true "clothes horse" and will need every dime she can get.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and that all of you'uns are looking forward to a bright and fun filled weekend.

God Bless!
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