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Originally Posted by Chuck Palm View Post
I agree that the train is okay. Times are weird because often the train is really a bus. There is only one train daily, other runs are covered by Amtrak buses, which are not that great and often poor. They make you take all of your luggage off the bus at the border for customs inspection. Ugh!
I've read this on message boards a bunch of times, so I was surprised that on Sept 16th, I have 5 choices, 2 of which are trains.

Someone said maybe its because of some Olympics .. dont know which one, but I heard that may be why I have so many choices the day I fly in.

I will only have one suitcase which I can easily handle, plus a purse and a purse that holds my tablet (yes two purses lol). I have heard taking the train is especially seamless to cross the border.

Ill let you'all know after I do it in Sept.
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