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I have never had an issue with the hair salon, probably because I only used it my husband's request...neither of us thought it was worth the $, and I would rather spend my time in other ways.
A couple of years ago, though, I did get a nasty surprise. Booked a cruise on Carnival, which we like, and one reason was the stop in Roatan. Did not know that they had built their own dockside complex. They had previously done this in Costa Maya and Grand Turk. We didn't mind either, because there wasn't a lot to do either place. But, Roatan? It was brutally hot, no pool, no shade and to get to the beach, you either had to take a long walk or pay extra for a ski lift to get down the hill. Then, you could not get to the water without booking a cabana, as these had been put up so close together that it was a wall. Plus, Carnival apparently never checked into why they were able to lease this little cove. Seems the jelly fish love it, as they were as thick you could ever imagine. I felt that if Disney built prison camps, this would be their model for it.
Haven't been on Carnival since!
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