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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post

Me suspicious - never

It has puzzled me however that the cruiselines have not been more proactive to the developments in photography over the last few years; if they reduced the selling price of the photographs they would probably sell more

I always love to hear this comment on ships.
"If you would just lower the price, you would sell more".
Probably very true by the way. But perhaps a bit naive.
I suppose it matters if you sell things just to sell things, or you sell things to make a profit and stay in business.

"If Jaguar or Mercedes would just lower their price by 50%, I would buy one.
That way they could sell more automobiles."

These people apparently didn't have time to take economics 101 in school.
Selling your product at a loss is not a very wise business plan.

In the cruise industry, EVERYTHING is ALWAYS about the money.
If somebody had figured out how to sell photos for less money and still make a profit, we would all be doing it already.
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