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Originally Posted by ship2shore View Post
CruiseQueen> Why do you refer to Carnival Breeze as "WalMart" in your cruise history? I tried looking for a review, but couldn't find any by you in the CM Cruise Reviews section. I have sailed both the Dream and Freedom (back-to-back on both), which are both older sister ships to Breeze. I am curious to find out what aspects you found to be WalMar-tish when compared to your RCI experiences, because I hope to go back to RCI again soon (hopefully next January).

Hi Shipshore....Carnival Breeze for us was a watered down, low budget ship...We thought we would give a brand new Carnival ship a try after all it's a fun ship? The entertainment/activities are horrible. There are 8 singers and dancers and they put on 4 shows during the week..The Brits, Motown, Divas..can't remember the 4th. 30 minute shows basically the same type of show just different music. Then the Hasbro game show and Karaoke....not my type of after dinner entertainment. I prefer to be entertained by professionals not my fellow cruisers.

Music....oh my if you have a passion for music and dance like I do Breeze is not for band that is not bad on deck 5 but nobody dances....poolside is a DJ no band......and the DJ in the nightclub starts out with dance music for the first hour then it's all hardcore rap. Not many dance classes either.

There were nights we had nothing to do. The painful part was when we docked in Falmouth the Allure was next to us and we were sad and realized we were on the wrong ship....

The service around the ship was not like Royal. The comedy club is a joke...we never got in to see the show the line was way too long. They need to put the comedy show in the showroom or go by reservations like Royal does. Lido breakfest buffet lines were long. There were two very close to being fights thank goodness staff broke it up....first one during the deck party. second one was when we were in line to get into the comedy show a guy in line starts screaming and cursing about not being able to get in another guy tells him to shut up at that point we left the line since we were not getting in anyway there was no more room plus the two guys were getting closer and closer to each other. That situation was scary hanging out with the locals in Jamaica is not.

and some credit where it's due...our MDR waiter and assistant on Breeze were very good....the cabin was great we had the 1 and 1/2 bath cabin loved it. alot of closet space too. Food was good same as Royal (however I'm not a foodie I calorie count and pick healthy choices) The water slides were fun and the 3D thrill ride. The teen program however was horrible. The piano bar entertainer Ron Pass was good...we are not piano bar type cruisers but there was nothing else to do.

Allure and Breeze are like night and day....Allure is loaded with music and dance....Breeze hardly any music and dance.

The Breeze is a nice looking ship...would compare it more to a Voyager class ship.

Breeze will work for a cruiser that is looking for a very basic prices, good food, sit around the pool all day, drink and gamble at night. And never saw Funship Freddy...he might have gotten let go may not be in the budget anymore.

It's good to have choices in cruiselines.......

What's an awesome cruise experience for one cruiser may not be for the next.....all depends what the cruiser is looking for in his/her cruise vacation....

Happy Cruising!!
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