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Originally Posted by Moonlight Reader View Post
I would also be excited if there were other things like dropping or greatly reducing the charge for a third or fourth person in the cabin and most importantly, the single supplement charges. As a single, I would like to travel without paying for myself as if I were two people.
I hear that!!!

I get a large number of complaints from my clients about how much it costs for the 3rd & 4th in a cabin. But the biggest complaint I get has to do with the single supplement. EVERYONE feels this is a rip off. While they understand the cruise line can make twice as much money selling a cabin to two people instead of just one, they find it extremely difficult to understand the reasoning behind not offering a more reasonable fare for singles when it's very obvious there are alot of cabins that will otherwise go unsold.

I've always been of the mindset that it's better to make some money by selling it at half price for a single than by not selling to a couple for full price.

But then again that makes sense to me.

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