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Of course it's a bit short on details! A reporter wrote the story and you know how the press likes to paint a one-sided picture in favor of the negative.

They did say, "Rebecca, who was in the cabin's bathroom and didnít see Sarah fall..."

Okay, so she didn't see her fall! How the hell did she know her friend fell overboard? She could have left and gone back to the club!

Like I said, leave it to the press to leave alot to the imagination in the story along with alot of unanswered questions. A good reporter should never leave important information out of story and the biggest question is how did the girlfriend know for a fact that the girl fell overboard? The captain would have asked her the same question and since she couldn't provide a definitive statement beyond a doubt, then they needed to insure the women was not on the ship before undergoing a massive and expensive search that may have been conducted needlessly. Between the two women, it sounds like they were both pretty wasted and not very coherent.

Then again, they blame the bartender for holding them down, forcing their mouth open, and pouring alcohol down their throat against their will.

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