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Default What an ungrateful idiot

I am constantly amazed at the things people will sue for, I mean I would have just been thankful that I was found in time. I mean who knows if her friend was really that wasted it is lucky that she didn't just pass out in a chair or something and then her being lost wouldn't have been realized until morning. I guarantee she would not have been alive then.

The part in the article where she is implying the bartender's kept trying to get them to drink more Long Island Iced Teas by offering coupons to the casino just made me laugh. I mean of course they did, he is trying to make a sale. He didn't say the only way she could truly enjoy those drinks is to go for a midnight swim the hard way.

Ridiculous, I hate that she will get any money from this at all but I agree she will probably be paid off. I am sure there is no where in her terms and conditions that states they will babysit her to make sure she doesn't get so drunk she falls off the boat.
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