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Mike M...
as always, great point.

The "details" that were left off is what she "really" did to manage to fall off the ship, because and ship balcony railing is about chest level, and just leaning over backwards to look up is not going to let you fall in - UNLESS you are sitting on the railing, standing on a chair or something else stupid like that.

Let's not take the seriousness of this situation too lightly. People falling off of cruise ships is a tragedy because the vast majority of them are never found. And yet it is still logical for the captain to take some time to make sure she was not still on the ship - its ridiculous to turn a ship around every time someone can't find a loved one - that must happen 100 times a day.

No, the roommate did not hear her fall, all she knew was she was there and then she was gone, and she did not walk out the door.

I have called for cruise lines to make it harder for people to fall over. One could start by just simply making it too uncomfortable to sit on railings. Put tiny little "fixtures" on the them so you can't get comfortable sitting on one. Like this:

But I also expect that some people who fall are doing other stupid things - trying to spy on their neighbors, perhaps, or if on a raked balcony trying to get high enough to see onto the balcony above.

Basically - just NEVER do it.

Do I think she will win that lawsuit? If she does it will be because the lawyer convinces a jury she was over-served alcohol. But no one poured it down her throat, and she didn't have to drive anywhere, so I doubt it is a winner.
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