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Interesting thread.

I'm learning new things all the time. I'm not sure if I like the idea of leaving the door open to let the drum dry out. My laundry room is the entry from the garage to the house and it is a fairly high traffic area. I can see me stumbling and breaking the door off. I have heard that they do a good job of cleaning but I don't have the setup that Ship2shore has so the bending could be a bit of a problem.

My washer is about fifteen years old and still works great. The dryer is thirteen years old and is starting to have "issues" that the dryer repairman can't figure out. It decides to stop heating whenever it feels like it. We've had the control panel replaced, the heat sensor, and a couple of other things. Yes, the dryer vent and outlet are clean.

We replaced the old dryer the day before we left for Europe in 2001. It went out when we were doing last minute wash. Aghhhhh!! My mother lived with us at the time and there was no way she could go three weeks without a dryer so I made a run to Sears and asked "What's the largest capacity dryer you have in Bisque?" The salesman showed it to me and I said: "I'll take it. When can you deliver it and take away the old one?" The whole process was less than five minutes and the dryer showed up two days later. Maybe the dryer wouldn't be having issues after thirteen years if I had spent a few days researching it.

Thanks for the information. It helps in the event we need to replace one or both.

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