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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
It amazes me to think that the year the Grand came out, Sabatini's was I believe. $5.00 pp..those were the days!

The Churrascaria steak house on the Epic is amazing, with a fabulous top notch salad bar. They make lots of $$ on me, because there is so much meat! I think this option would do great on all ships! There is one not that far from us, which we may try for lunch..on the Epic what we paid, was quite reasonable in comparison.
The Churrascaria steakhouse, Moderno, is now available on almost all of the NCL ships. I know they are now on all Jewel Class ships and also on Norwegian Star and Dawn. I'm not sure about Norwegian Sky and Pride of America. They got rid of the Tex/Mex restaurants and put in Moderno's.

I could really go for a bowl of the seafood chowder right now. Nummy!

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