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Ok so we purchased the Whirlpool HE washer top loader and matching dryer. I like that I can a fit comforters and blankets in it and like that there's no middle agitator.

It's not a real expensive set like some of the others we looked at, I just can't see spending thousands on a washer & dryer. I don't ever recall taking out my clothes and wished they were cleaner or dryer with the set we're replacing, in fact the set I'm replacing was only 1 1/2 years old but were ruined when the basement flooded and they were on the cheaper side and washed & dried just fine.

Too many bells and whistles out there, makes me wonder when is good, good enough?

Yes, todays appliance are only built to last 10 years anything over is a bonus.

One more thing with the money we saved I'm thinking my I Pad should be here for mothers day!
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