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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post

Glad to hear you are now the proud owner of a new washer and dryer. Will insurance cover the replacement? It sure would be nice. I also love that I can stick a king size quilt in my wash machine without worrying it will walk across the room when it hits the spin cycle.

I do have to agree with you that on some things, like washers, dryers and other appliances, too much is too much. When we bought our last refrigerator there were models with televisions in the door. I'm sorry but I don't need a TV in my refrigerator door. Even my old wash machine has more "cycles" than I ever use and all I want the dryer to have is "no tumble" and four heat settings: No heat, low, medium, and NUKE THE SUCKER!

I hope you double the ten year projected life span and have years of joy washing, drying and ironing.

Take care,
Mike (Who only irons when it's a matter of life and death)
Mike... I iron almost everything but the older I get I'm starting to give a rat's behind about looking so pressed.

Yes, our insurance cover all of our cost...thank goodness. It's not flood insurance but a water back-up policy as we don't live in a flood area. The reason we flooded was the check valve was completely broken off so we are having a new system put in...well worth the cost!
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