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I'm glad that insurance is covering you. We had an incident about ten year ago. I had moved the washer and dryer out to clean under and behind them. I didn't notice that when I pulled the washer out I had pulled it too far and the drain hose came loose.

Later that day I put a load in the washer and went downstairs to my office. A little while later the lights suddenly went out and I figured we had a power failure. When I went upstairs the whole laundry room and part of the kitchen floors were wet. That wasn't the real problem. The laundry room has a floor heating vent and most of the water went down that vent and to the furnace. When it hit the furnace it must have been running and the main breaker snapped. The furnace was fried. Luckily, the homeowners insurance covered a new furnace and cleaning out of the duct work. The flooring was fine and it only took a mopping to clean it up and there was no damage to the under floor.

Let's just hope that neither of us have to deal with another "flood" again.

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