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Congratulations Aerogirl on your new washer. I am a real stickler on laundry so was somewhat hesitant of the big step of which I took advantage when I purchased a couple of years ago during a big sale at Lowe's, a Samsung front loader that I believe was retailed for $1,100 dollars for I think $795. I too was hesitant but now, I couldn't be more pleased.

As is the case with Mike, space is a consideration for me as well, as the washer and dryer are in a small laundry nook in the sunroom just large enough to fit the washer and dryer. When the bifold doors to the area are closed the front of the machine is just inches away from them. Therefore all I can do is just leave the door ajar. The only downside is that due to shelves above the machine I was unable to get a pedestal for it. Consequently, I have to bend over which definitely isn't a "win" for me because of all of my back problems.

So far no issues whatsoever with the machine and contrary to what I believed would be the case, gets my clothes just as clean if not cleaner than the top loader. I love the huge capacity and the fact it uses far less water which in and of itself, could amont to a significantly lower water bill for those with large families, etc.

I sincerely believe you will be more than happy with your new washer.
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