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Originally Posted by zydecocruiser View Post
I booked the Bloggers Cruise (Carnival Sunshine) while on Carnival Elation last February and the agent went out of her way to point out why I might not like the cabin I had pre-selected and showed me the deck plan. I chose a different cabin. She also checked all available prices to make sure I was getting the best deal.

Finally, she even let my regular travel agent have credit for the booking and take it over.

I couldn't ask for better service AND I got the $100 OBC.

There are many stories on the cruise boards about people getting crappy service from travel agents as well as PVPs, with some of the travel agents adding change fees and cancellation fees of their own.
You got a good future cruise representative on the ship - that's exactly what they're suppose to do. But as you pointed out, not all of them are as competent. Same can be said with PVP's and travel agents. Or auto mechanics, dentists, lawyers, or plumbers for that matter. Unfortunately, there are always a few that give a bad name to the profession. That's why it's always good to ask alot of questions and get referrals. But the bottom line is about booking directly with the cruise line, and I don't care how outstanding the PVP is, if you have any problems, they represent the cruise line and not you. They will look after their best interest and not yours. It's when problems arise where an agent can be worth their weight in gold. But yes, it has to be a good agent because like any profession, there are those who are only out to make a buck and not provide good service.

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