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Originally Posted by mags View Post
I just wanted to post this bit of info about my son's wedding. This last Jan. my son and his lovely bride cruised to Cozumel,Mx. with 30 friends and family. We boarded Carnival Ecstasy in Houston,Tx. The wedding was beautiful and everything went as planned. We even had a reception back onboard. The biggest problem we had was with the pictures. We paid cab fare for the Carnival photographer to and from the wedding site. The pictures were ready for our veiwing the next day. All pictures were 8x10's and cost 20.00 each. We even asked if we could buy a smaller size or the negitives and they said no. They said we could buy them all for 2500.00 if we wanted. To be truthful they were not worth it. After talking to my daughter in law afterwards she said they were told they would be reasonably priced. So be sure you ask in advance what reasonably priced i means.
I too had the same problem with picture prices on RCCL's Freedom of the Seas where we had our wedding and honeymoon a few weeks ago. There was a lot of chaos just getting on the ship with problems with names that were not on the list correctly (another wedding party on the ship had similar problems) My (now) wife and I were not VIP checked in, and things didn't go all that smoothly after the ceremony. But the ceremony itself was excellent. Back to the pictures, I guess I didn't do enough research on the prices beforehand. There were 139 photos taken in total by the ships photographer. We were heartbroken when we found out during the cruise when the pictures were ready that the cheapest package which consisted of 30 5x7 & 10 8x10 (don't remember if the 10 8x10's were additional photos or you had to pick from the 30 5x7's) was $500.00. To get a copy of just the photos on a C/D was I believe $1200.00. We paid over $6300.00 for the ceremony and a 1 hour reception, and now they're asking at least $500.00 for 1/3 of their photos. We could not justify the cost and had to refuse them. On the 5th day of the cruise we got a call from the cruise program administrator asking how our honeymoon was and if there was anything she could do for us. I explained the photo price situation. She said that she would call a manager in their photo department. A few minutes later she called back saying that she couldn't get a hold of anybody but would keep trying. We never heard from her again. On the last night I went down to the photo studio and asked for that manager that was supposedly called. Another manager came out and I explained the situation to him. He said that the cruise program administrator indeed called the other manager and there was nothing they could do about the price. I'm going to try and email the wedding specialist with whom I booked everything with and explain the situation to her not only about the photos, but the un-organization before and during the reception. Anyone considering getting married on a ship please be aware and ask all questions pertaining to shipboard wedding photos (especially the price) before signing that contract. Had I known all this I would have refused the ships photographer and just had relatives take pictures, or at least stand next to the photographer and take pictures.
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