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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
As has been said and as we all know, you can't fix stupid and yes, juries will award people money for the dumbest things you can imagine.
With regards to what Paul said about putting something on the balcony rails to make it too uncomfortable to sit on,. that's just another lawsuit--as someone would sue because they got a pain in the arse !
My dear friends, we are witnesses to the dumbing down of America and the coming of age of the " regardless of what I did, someone owes me " period in
our history--it's happening as we speak. Sad but oh so true!
It already happened. My British friends like to comment on how litigious Americans are and they are right.

In Europe, when you go to the various attractions there usually are no glass boxes or railings to keep you from touching the pictures, sculptures, stones. You are expected to show common sense. The only place I have seen this in the U.S. is at the Getty. I think that describes the American mindset to a tee.
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