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I just read the articles, too. It seems he jumped in to save her.

But he could have grabbed the life jackets from the room. I have no idea why so many people - especially young people (it seems to happen to people in their 20s a lot) jump from ships. You guys know I have written about it many time.

At this point I am personally getting to the point where if they did make the railings higher I would understand. It just seems wrong to have a business where people can do such a thing. Its also just s shame that we can never know what was going through their minds.

Like the girl who said she was leaning over and the next thing she knew she fell.

I will make a confession - one time on a very small ship that was stopped in open water I unconsciously jumped up to sit on the railing - not even thinking about how stupid that was. We were in a group of four people all just talking and I was leaning against the railing and I like to sit. Fortunately, the people with me went - "wait!, what are you doing?" And I was like "wow, I just wasn't thinking."

I know personally it can happen - people unintentionally putting themselves over. They do it themselves by mistake. But if no one sees you do it, then you are not going to be rescued. I hate to say it, but higher railings do make sense. Just for incident like that where people didn't realize who stupid they were acting.

You really have to wonder - how many of these are suicides, how many are people who think they can survive, and how many are just mistakes (and I won't call them "dumb" mistakes anymore since even I have almost personally done it).
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