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The difference is between "real" lawsuits and frivolous one. I am guess a ski resort probably thinks it is a bit of a waste of money to require wheelchair ramps to the ski lifts. But that's another story... I get your point.

In Europe they don't disallow such lawsuits, but if you bring one and lose then you can be fined for wasting the court's time and you can be made liable to pay all of the other party's legal fees - without him having to sue for them in a separate lawsuit.

Our problem is that we have a Trial Lawyers Assn. that thrives on lawsuits - fully knowing that just the threat of a lawsuit is enough to keep them in business. The vast, vast majority never go to trial. They are settled to save the time and money of litigating.

I can think of a couple of lawyers in the cruise business I know that are just outright jerks. They have written demeaning and personally insulting things to and about me that are not true - but because they are lawyers they know they can get away with saying whatever they want because if I tried to sue them they would just litigate the cases themselves.

They are bullies, know-it-alls and just flat out jerks and losers. Not all lawyers are bad, but you know some of them walk around with sense of entitlement and such inflated egos it isn't even funny.

Scum of the earth.
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