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I thank you for a real eyes update - that is the kind of information I crave the most.

I am not surprised at all - as I travel around the world I have discovered that "average" people in the streets are all really not that much different from all of us here. They want jobs, security, good health, etc. And in most cases the last thing they are concerned about is taking responsibility for whatever their government stands for.

Tourism is a huge business is Egypt. One of the top 2 businesses (they also grow a lot of quality cotton).

The problem is the government and the zealots have been cracking down on the tourism business because they are easy targets - they cater to the "great Satan" - Americans. The official tourism association of Egypt has registered many official complaints and even staged demonstrations about how they are being treated, and things have gotten a little but better on the government side, but not where the zealots are concerned.

There are still people in Egypt who are attacking tourist guides (and tourists) because of what I said above. So, while I understand what you are saying about "average people" in Egypt, those are not the people I am worried about.

And don't get me wrong. I love Egypt and it is one place in the world I would recommend everyone should see in their lifetime. Just not now.
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