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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
If I am going to spend $3000 or more for my wife and I to fly to Europe I am not going to be going on a mainstream cruise line when I get there. I'd particularly look at Azamara because of the overnight stays in some ports, plus the relaxing ambiance of those former "R" ships.

I'm not knocking Carnival, they offer great value in a cruise and I've always had fun on Carnival ships, but they are near the bottom of my list for any cruise that requires fairly extensive flying time and cost to get to the ship. In other words I won't be sailing with Carnival in Australia or Asia either.
I have to agree with you here, why anyone would fly to Europe to sail on a Carnival ship is beyond me. When we do go we will be doing a river cruise.

Also like cruise planner mentioned Carnival was known as the "fun ship" I don't personally think of "party ship" when I hear that, I think it means fun in general and I don't get why people read that as let's get drunk and stupid.
I think on any short cruise it's more of a party cruise no matter what line.
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