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Default Wine Tasting is Bull***t

This is a very telling article about wine tasters in particular that I think is hilarious. First of all, even though I am a "critic" of sorts, I do try to stay away from forcing my own personal taste on other people. When I write a "review" I do try to to stick to factual details as much as possible.

And - I have always been honest to say that I am NOT an oenphile - that I have a hard time remembering the nuances of wine. Also, I never find any one wine to be reliable - I may try a wine and love it only to find the next day that it was not all I thought it was.

But even more important - it says a lot about critics. How honest are they? How much do they really know - and how much of what they say is based on something else like possibly:

1) what they think they are expected to say (more expensive = better, for example)

2) a personal stake in having a certain opinion (to boost a certain advertiser, for example)
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