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Default American Express


Quick question for Americans and Cruisers ( I think I might find both here ).

Can anyone tell me how widely accepted American Express is on Cruise Ships and in the United States? I'd like to know in terms of both Point of Sale, and ATM's.

I've got some USD from shares I sold in the US, and I'm looking for a place to put them, such that they're safe ( ie not cash - cash can get lost/stolen ), and that I can access them from cruise ships and the united states ( ie not the deposit a/c they're in at the minute that I can only access when physically in the branch ), and American Express seems to be the only card I can find that I can get here and fund with USD without converting them to Euro first ( there are plenty of prepaid Mastercards around in USD, but they have to be prepaid in Euro, and then converted to USD ).

I'm just a little concerned because hardly anywhere here seems to accept American Express.
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