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There's no doubt that some lawsuits are legitimate and that there has been some brought forth that were useful.
It's the plain old dumb crap that ties up the courts, costs the tax payers millions, doesn't do anything but degrade the legitimate suits that should be heard, and are having to wait on the back burner for a chance to be heard.
The guy who gets drunk, wrecks, sues the bar, the people who made the alcohol, and even sues the maker of the vehicle he was in --to me is as dumb as it can get--but it happens. One guy started going to one of these riverboat gambling dens -- spent all his savings of a whopping ten thousand dollars, then he and the family sued the owners of the floating casino because they they got him " addicted to gambling "-- I don't know how that turned out but I do think he won.
Plain old common sense should prevail when it comes to our court system but it certainly doesn't anymore.
A guy with a bad heart pulling a string to start a lawn mower had a heart attack-- the family sued the people who made the lawn mower and won-- so, as I said, we are witnessing the coming of age in America of " I'm owed compensation " regardess of fault. Pity us in another dozen years.
Maybe the insurance industry will just automatically send everyone a release and a check for about ten grand every year to just eliminate these petty and childish suits. The worse thing is the judges that let some of these childish things even get into court.
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