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I went through a time in business where I had to entertain a number of executive level clients so I went through an intensive wine course and even went on a wine tour with a local expert. I learned a lot about wine during that time and the complex processes that go into wine making. I also learned about pairing and appreciating wine.

In the end I realized the old adage was true: "Drink what you like and like what your drink.". If you like an expensive Petrus then drink Petrus. If you like Ernest and Juillo then drink Ernest and Jullio. If you want to drink a Reisling with steak then drink Reisling with steak. Just don't limit yourself to not trying different types or how pairing different wines with different foods really makes for an enjoyable meal. If you like it great if you don't then don't bother with it again.

Just like there are food snobs there are wine snobs and most of them just eat and drink what they "think" is good.

Allow yourself the pleasure of trying new wines and foods but don't deny yourself the pleasure of eating or drinking what "you" enjoy. If someone looks down their nose at it then that's their problem. Eat, drink, and be merry!

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