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While we do enjoy a good wine every now and then, I have come to learn it's all relative. It's like anything else; what one person loves, another will hate. And while some have 'trained' palettes when it comes to the complex nature of good wines, everyone's tastes are different. If everyone liked the same things and hated the same things, it would be a very boring world.

But for me, give me a nice shot of really good tequila! I'll even settle for a great single-malt scotch. Or even a top shelf whiskey. But the same thing applies to spirits and beers as it does to wine; everyone's likes are different - that's why there are so many varieties.

As the French say, "Vive la différence." Or in English, "Long live the difference."

So, whatever you like, enjoy it! And the hell with what others think!!

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