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Default Booze customs declaration insight...

You learn so much at the dinner table You read about bootleggers bottles to get booze onto the ship, but how about getting booze off the ship.. The best one I heard on a recent cruise was the story of a cruiser who got two extra bottles of booze through customs without paying duty. This genetleman told the story about a series of cruises he made. He had a favorite booze that he would buy in port. According to the story he would buy four bottles of booze two bottles more than the allowance. (Don't quote me on exact customs requlations concerning number of bottles he was telling the story.)
He declared the four bottles of booze on his customs form and on the first cruise he was passed by and the customs officer and no charge for the extra booze. The second cruise he did the same thing and again he was passed by the customs officer with no customs charge for the extra booze. Finally, on the third cruise, this conscientious cruiser told the customs offcier that he wanted to pay duty on the booze. According to the cruiser the officer waved him off and said that collecting the fee would require too much paper work and passed him through with no extra charge for the booze. No guarantees but I thought this would be a good idea especially if you have a Christmas party and you're cruising in July you might want to stock up on booze, like one Cleveland business owner I know did. I don't think he knew about this loophole but he did get cheap booze for the party and since he was traveling with his mother he may have really really made out on her customs declaration.
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