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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
Many, many years ago I was young 24 or 25 year old. . .
A number of years later when I became a bit more worldly I realized that she didn't know brix from bricks or a Bordeaux from a Beaujolais. However, I don't think she ever sent wine back again.

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When I was about the same age Terry and I were taken to dinner in Geneva by my boss's boss's boss. Had to be on good behavior. All the way to the restaurant he was raving about the quality of the place, "best in Geneva," and on and on.

When we got there, naturally he ordered the wine, but then informed me that he couldn't drink any because of a medical condition, but his extensive expertise and background assured us the "bottle of a lifetime." So when it came, it fell to me to taste it. It was, charitably, horse p*ss. I had two problems: one, I wasn't sure whether it had gone bad or was just awful to begin with, and two, under the circumstances it would not have been wise to criticize it in any way.

Sooo. . .I smiled and nodded. When Terry tasted it, she started kicking me under the table. But the boss was happy.

Oh, and the food was lousy too. Over the years I returned any number of times to Geneva and found better food and wine everywhere.
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