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Originally Posted by Mike L View Post
We are booked on the Carnival Valor in August. Anything we should be aware of before hand?
The biggest thing you should be aware of is that the chances of having a good time are extremely high.

Things you may want to know:
The steakhouse is worth the extra money.
The bars and clubs are usually more lively than other cruise ships.
The cabins are spacious and well laid out.
The regular dining room food is about the same as you would find on Royal Caribbean.
The pool areas are nice.
The kids club and Camp Carnival are one of the best at sea.
If so inclined, you can pre-order liquor from Bon Voyage Department so no smuggling needed.
Overall the staff are friendly, efficient and helpful.

The negatives:
The ship may seem a bit over the top in decor.
Pool music can be a bit loud.
Like most lines, the cabins aren't ready until around 1:30 p.m. but you can purchase their Faster To The Fun for $50/cabin and be onboard and in your cabin much earlier.

Have a good attitude and you will most surely have a great cruise.

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