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Default Unscheduled entertainment: Search for unidentified package exercise

You want to have an interesting experience,and I tought entertaining experience, be on the ship while the crew conducts an unidentified package search practice drill. I did a couple of weeks ago and it was quite interesting. First of all I didn't know that they the captain had planned this exercise nor did I have any knowledge about this kind of practice drill. The ship was in port that day and my fellow passengers lemming-like had streamed from the ship onto excursion buses and other forms of transport to enjoy the ports pleasures. I planned to partake of the feast later in the day so I had planned to workout in the morning when the gym would be empty and then to submerge in the hot tub. I have found that the best time to get the hot tub to myself was when the ship had docked. As a matter of fact on the Allure I found it was also the best time to ride the zipline ride the crew practically encouraged me to go on a second time because there was nobody using the zipline ride. I will throw in one caution though the is not operating on the day you board ship and there is the possibility that the day the ship stops in a port the zipline will be reserved for crew members under the guise of givng them a training drill, but that's another story.

So there I was relaxing in the hot tub and the captain of the ship comes on the loudspeaker and says, "In five minutes an unidentified package search drill will be conducted by the crew, a klaxon will announce the beginning of the drill. All crew members go to your stations." Since the captain didn't mention that it would passengers I listened and then rolled over in the warm water of the hot tub. I take little notice about these types of announcements other than for the general ship evacuation drill exercise which I would not miss, especially since they are recording on a computer who attended and who didnot attend the class and truant passengers were called on the public address system to attend a remedial drill class. The other warning I pay attention to is when the ship is being fueled they have the signs out announcing that fueling is in progress and no smoking is allowed. That warning gets my attention even though I don't smoke.

Well in due course the kaxon sounded. Nothing much happened. No crew members were scrambling around. But I did notice after about 15 minutes I noticed there were crew members opening and closing locked doors and inspecting inside compartments on the ships deck. A bit later a couple of crew members came out and checked the deck around the hot tub, but nobody said anything to me so I continued to soak until I got was satiated. I walked to the men's dressing room and prior to going in the dry sauna saw that there was a man in the steam room. I heard an alarm go off in the men's dressing room. A few seconds later a female crew member was banging on the door telling me I would have to leave. I slipped on my trousers and shoes and as I went out the door she dashed past me. She was doing something with the alarm and on the phone at the same time so I figured she had the situation well in hand so I walked out on the deck. There was not much going on so I hung out for awhile on deck and then For some reason I went back into the dressing room. To my surprise I found that there was a heavy metal sliding door separating the dressing room area from the sauna area and from behind the door came a male voice asking me to open the door. I tried to open it but it was too heavy so I told the individual behind the door I would get a crew member to open it. I found a crew member and told her the situation. And she headed for the men's dressing room.

Subsequently, the captain announced that the unidentified package had been found in the mens dressing room and that the drill was over.
I found this to be an unanticipated entertaining experience on the cruise and another story to tell at the dinner table on future cruises.
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