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Default My book

Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
I finally got around to starting Unintended Consequences. I should be finished by tonight.

I have a friend who has a couple of books out. His name is Jon L. Brown. He has two or three childrens books, and three novels. I haven't started them yet, but others say they are good. All must be downloaded on a thingy, so no hard copies.

LF I never did see where you said the name of your book. Is there a reason you are not telling us?

Jon's books are on Amazon.
I posted the name of my book a few years ago but that post was removed because it was thought that I was trying to sell my book .In reality I offered a free copy to anyone who would give me an address or the address of their local book store .

I sent copies to Todd and Venice and gave copies to Manuel and a woman named Angie who used to post on CM .
***I no longer have the capability to offer free copies .
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