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Wow, it sounds like you just had a bad combination of kinks in your vacation. I try not to expect perfection, and am always happy if they fix the issue, as mistakes happen. On out last cruise I got worried when our toilet did not flush on arrival, and the bathroom smelled of sewer gas. The fixed the toilet quickly, and I just kept the bathroom door shut as the bathrooms all have constant exhaust. I fully expect a few kinks this weekend when I arrive on the Enchantment, but hope for the best. It's also how you complain sometimes.... One time we were on an overbooked Al Italia flight from Rome and everyone was angry and rude to the powerless desk service people (forget what they are called). I saw no one was getting ANY satisfaction, so when I approached the desk I acted relaxed and offered my sympathy to the staff member by saying, I see that you're having a rough day today, and handed her my tickets with a smile. We got upgraded from coach to first class.... I'm spoiled for flying forever.

I hope this will not be your last cruise with RCCL, many of us here are very happy and consider this our favorite vacation, Use the vouchers they gave you for a discount and try again.
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