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Good early afternoon everyone.

It's been a busy morning. We had to take Betty's car into the garage to have a lube and oil change. It also needs new front brake pads. I want it in tip top shape for our June, Vegas, Arizona and Texas trip. We will be meeting with our Australian cousins in Vegas and then visiting friends in Flagstaff, Phoenix and Yuma. From there we'll drive to Dallas and spend a few days with my brother and SIL. We should be gone about 2.5 weeks.

Today, I also visited the dermatologist again and found out something interesting. My paracarditis is probably related to my psoriasis. She finally was able to talk to my cardiologist and he agreed that I should try a different therapy. I now have shots that I will give myself three times a week. This should help my skin and, hopefully, other issues. We'll see.

Otherwise: Just waiting to pick up Betty's car and then we'll drop off the Suburban for an oil change and routine maintenance.

I hope all the puppies get over their "terrible twos" problems. When I look back to Kramer he had the "terrible ones". By the time he was two he was pretty well over any problems, other than running after pheasants. I broke him of that habit. No: I never beat or hit him. He did get the shock collar about four times in his life but the grab by the scruff of the neck and "the voice" were the best training techniques. Gladly those didn't have to be done too often.

Oh well: It's off to see what trouble I can stir up.

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