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A first: my latest box from Amazon had three books in it. . .all three by authors who are personal friends. I'm very fortunate.

1. Bob Dotson's "American Story" was devoured in two days. Those who see Bob on the Today Show know what he does and how well he does it. He carries "human interest" stories to new heights. The book is amazing.

2. For Sherlockians, Roger Johnson and Jean Upton's "A Sherlock Holmes Miscellany" is a great primer for Sherlockian newbies, and a fine reference for veterans. Roger and Jean are husband and wife, and sparkplugs of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Dame Jean Conan Doyle actually attended their wedding. We enjoy visiting with them when we're over there, and they're coming over to this side in August.

3. Washington author Dan Stashower has published an intriguing new book, "The Hour of Peril: The Secret Plot to Murder Lincoln Before the Civil War." I've just begun it, but I know it will live up to Dan's usual high level of interest and scholarship. It tells the tale of a seldom-discussed plot--a "true crime" that failed--and features the early work of a private detective named Allan Pinkerton.

So I get to have three books autographed, probably over dinner tables. How fun.

I know that most recommendations here are for fiction, but I thought I'd throw in some things by my pals.
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