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Default Carnival Breeze, issues

Just returned from a wonderful 8 day on the beautiful Breeze. I have to say she is the best in the whole Carnival fleet. Absolutely gorgeous, and a great layout!

I had a few issues though.
1) We booked Carnival transfer service so as to not deal with Miami cab drivers. This driver left a bag on the bus, argued with me about checking under for it, then blamed me "You put it with the other ship's bags." I did not, he took it when we arrived at the bus. He also hasseled us for a tip before I realized my bag wasn't there (I was planning to tip anyway, always do).

2) Went platinum this cruise. SOOOO EXCITED about that! Checked in at the airport, had my card and priority boarding card when arrived at port. Got to terminal upstairs and was told, word for word, "Sorry, we've already boarded those people, you have to wait." Um....

3) I was charged $9.95 for a hurricane glass and then $7.25 to fill it up for my sail away drink. I order a sail away drink in these glasses every year, once a year, and it has NEVER cost me $17.20. When did Carnival start this garbage???

4) The shows were AWFUL. I mean, not bad, but awful. A cast of 7, barely sets, barely costumes, no orchestra, and at one point, the cast was setting up the set (by set, I mean a runway). The Brits show had some decent sets but mostly was a digital guy and girl singing. If I wanted to watch cartoons, I would have stayed in my cabin. The show the last night was the band that played on the promenade every night, and the girl, Consuela, is an amazing singer, but that was all it was. Her singing basically ambient music. They didn't even turn down the house lights for her.

The ship is amazing. I LOVED the Breeze. The issues really put a damper on what a gorgeous ship she is.

I was posting because I am just wondering what other people are seeing on Carnival? It seems like they just keep cutting, and I understand economic times and yada yada, but if they keep cutting corners in places they should not be, I will pick another line. I am a die~hard Carnival fan and am hoping this does not have to happen!

Opinions, other experiences? Thanks!
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