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If you were Platinum there should have been a Platinum, Diamond, FTTF line just for you. This is open at all times. I can understand that the VIP lounge may have been closed but you should still have been able to by pass the lines at check-in. I do believe that sometimes the shore side people really don't know what they are doing.

When we took the Imagination in January one of the agents pointed us toward the special line for Platinum, Diamond and First to the Fun. When we got there the woman said: "You have to get in line with the rest of the people." I did but was not happy. A minute or two later the guy who pointed us to the special line (the boss) saw us and pulled us out of the line and walked us up to the Platinum entrance. The lady who told us to get in the regular line was embarrassed and apologetic but you could see that that she was in trouble with her boss.

I too loved the Breeze. It is my favorite Carnival ship. When I sailed her, in Europe, last summer I enjoyed the shows but they did overuse the graphics but it was an interesting effect.

I have never used Carnival's transfers so I can't comment on that. Did they charge you for the glass and then charge you to put something in it? I heard somewhere that they were getting rid of the souvenir glasses. So I can "understand" why you may have been charged for the glass and the drink but it isn't right. Heck, the souvenir glasses aren't worth $9. I sold a bunch at a garage sale for a quarter.

I'm sorry that the issues put somewhat of a damper on your cruise but it does sound like you had an overall good time.

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