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19 years can you beleive it. You can't can you. But it's true. I have been married for 19 years today!!! So if I had a kid a year after I got married that kid would be 18 years old.

The difference between our first anniversary and the 19 year anniversary is:
For the year anniversary there was a card, flowers, and a fancy dinner out.

For 19 years my hubby asked me yesterday if I got him a present or a card I said nope. He said do you want to just skip that part this year and I said yup. Then I told him I had a buy one get one free at the sports bar/restuarant if he wanted to go there for dinner.

So why what changed to make us so casual about the anniversary. It's because we're comfortable with each other now and an anniversary doesn't need to be big fancy affair. As long as I'm having dinner and enjoying my hubby's company it's all I need. In fact it's less stressful for both of us.
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